The Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2022

Charles Landry at The creative Bureaucracy Festival

The 5th Creative Bureaucracy Live Festival

Berlin - Thursday 2nd June at the Radialsystem

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The Creative Bureaucracy Festival is here again in its 5th iteration and we want to show how imaginative and effective public servants and their allies around the world are impacting on the lives of citizens, cities and countries especially with the unfolding crises across the world.

This year we are presenting the Festival in a series of seven sub-themes: The Intelligent , the Bold, the Disrupting, the Visionary, the Self-Enabling, the Regenerative and the Inclusive Bureaucracy.

Great line up of speakers:

Lisa Witter; Apolitical Foundation - Giulio Quaggiotto; UNDP - Alexander Shevchenko; ReStart Ukraine / Zvidsky Agency - Anir Chowdhury; a2i Program, Government of Bangladesh - Johannes Nuutinen; Demos Helsinki - Indy Johar; Dark Matter Labs - Sascha Haselmayer; Ashoka - Djuna Bernard; déi gréng (Luxembourgish Green Party) - Christian Bason; Danish Design Center - Alexander Holt; CivTech Alliance - Rainer Kattel; Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose UCL Susan Pettifer; City of Sydney, head of HR - Prathima Manohar; The Urban Vision, Delhi - Tommi Laitio; Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation at John Hopkins - Brian K Smith; City of Minneapolis, director of performance & innovation - Caroline Paulick-Thiel; Politics for Tomorrow - Petra Dzurovcinova; City of Bratislava - Mikko Annala; Demos Helsinki -

Katharina Schlüter; PD - Nicole Hartmann; Donut Berlin - Irene Piki; Ministry of Finance, Cyprus - Petra von Wick; Ministry of Finance, Germany - Judit Rozsa; DG REFORM, European Commission - Ilsabe von Campenhausen BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt - Kate Philip; President Employment Stimulus, South Africa - Marco Steinberg; Snowcone & Haystack - Katja Urbatsch; Arbeiterkind - Lene Krogh Jeppesen; Danish National Center for Public-Private Innovation - Helia Nazari; Salzburg Global Seminar - Faye Hobson; Salzburg Global Seminar - Mariam Dawood; The London Borough of Newham - Lauri Heikkinen; Freelance Disability Policy/Accessibility Consultant - Róquia Gonçalves Guerra Camara; Aix-Marseille University - Nadia Hafedh; Save the Children UK - Ramon Marrades; Placemaking Europe / Vigla - Laska Nenova; BG Be Active - Milena Ivkovic; Placemaking Western Balkans - Bernadette Zimmermann; European Forum Alpbach - Hoa-Binh Adjemian; Directorate-General EU (DG NEAR) - Jose Díaz Mendoza; Politics for Tomorrow - Elahe Rajabiani; EU Policy Lab / Joint Research Centre - Maciek Jastrzebiec-Pyszynski; EU Policy Lab / Joint Research Centre - Winfried Kneip; Love Politics - Rubina Zern-Breuer; German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer - Sabine Junginger; Competence Center for Design and Management Lucerne - Cathy Narriman; Flipped Job Market - Simon Güntner; TU Wien.

Speakers from Visor Urbano, Mexico - Speakers from Zero Waste Malaysia

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The latest projects and sessions that I am involved with

Like many of you there have been talks some for big global organizations and others for activist projects on a variety of topics. Here are a few: