The ethical frame of the civic city

The ethical frame that best supports the new urbanity is the secular humanist position. This privileges civic values, which in essence seek to foster competent, confident and engaged citizenship. It is concerned with the capabilities, interests and achievements of human … Read More

Psychology & the City: The Hidden Dimension

The city is not a lifeless thing. People have personality, identity and, as they are congregations of people, so do cities. In a constant cycle of influencing and being influenced the city impacts upon our mind and our emotional state … Read More

What if?

What if… there were no cultural institutions and we reinvented them again? Before you start: Think of one or two of the best cultural experiences you have had in your life – that’s it. Everything changes or is that really … Read More

The Creative Bureaucracy & South Australia

The world is changing dramatically. Are public bureaucracies and governance systems up to the complex challenges they face? The discretionary effort of employees is declining as disenchantment grows. This is heading for crisis proportions. Therefore in collaboration with the South … Read More

Creative Bureaucracy Radical Common Sense

Public bureaucracies across the globe face a converging, escalating crisis as our societies become increasingly unequal, demands for affordable living conditions increase, public space declines, frenzied finance movements rattle domestic economies and a rising reaction to mass migration engenders fear … Read More

The ‘Other’ City

Taking an eagle eye view of change making projects across the world you detect a deeper yearning for another kind of city; one that resolutely, yet with imagination and verve, addresses the faultlines and dilemmas of urban change and seeks … Read More