Lisbon is the next Berlin…

Lisbon is the next Berlin and Athens the next Lisbon. It is a crazy world where cities become fashion items, all the rage one moment and spat out by the fashionistas the next. So Lisbon becomes the next Berlin and … Read More

The Urban Psyche Assessment

Psychoanalyzing a city brings together a range of tools from different branches of psychology, urbanism, anthropology and cultural development as well as mental health practice to bear on the challenges and reveal the opportunities facing a city. The psychological techniques … Read More

The Civic City & the Nomadic World

I am trying to recapture the word ‘civic’ from its worthy, municipal feel and to give it a sense urgency, interest and power. The civic city notion is a clarion call to refocus and rethink our city making and to … Read More

The Digitized City – The book

This new book describes the tectonic shift unfolding where digital devices with their disruptive potential are changing cities, society and social life, connectivity, the economy and cultural life. Its impacts and influence will be as powerful as the climactic changes … Read More

A deeper yearning

Competitions, awards and accolades are proliferating. They act as a way of encouraging the trajectories of urban change. I have been involved in several juries and looked at over 750 proposals from across the world and they all have different … Read More

The City We Need

Too often the cities we have disappoint and there is an urgency to make dramatic changes. Too often they are ugly, too often there are sharp divisions between the rich and the poor, too often corrupting influences hold sway, too … Read More