Co-designing conferences

Charles is increasingly involved in co-curating conferences and symposia that seek to have a catalytic impact. Most recently these include:
The Art of Public Life’ organized by FORM, Perth Australia – April 2015.
At the boundaries of sound’ in collaboration with Enjoy Jazz, Mannheim – October 2014.
The collaborative imperative: Entrepreneurship and smart city governance’ in collaboration with Taipei City Government – September 2014.
The soul of creativity: Harnessing the collective imagination’ jointly with IFKAD, Matera, Italy – June 2014.

The Art of Public Life,

Organized by FORM Perth

This ambitious symposium in Perth between the 15th and 17th April 2015 with speakers from across the globe focuses on inspired civic initiatives to reactivate public life. Here we can explore that in making things happen we often need to blur boundaries, rethink bureaucracies, invent new financial mechanisms or to communicate differently with our audiences. Speakers include: Enrique Penalosa, Carol Coletta, Peter Corbett, Geeta Mehta, Timo Santala, Erma Raineri.
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The Soul of Creativity: Harnessing the collective imagination

jointly with IFKAD , Matera, Italy.

The aim of this symposium was to deepen the conversation about creativity as a multi-faceted resource. It combined philosophical reflections with discussions and presentations of practical manifestations of creativity. It sought to recapture the best of creativity since the term has become a mantra of our age – perhaps over-used, at times misused and abused, yet at the same time undervalued.
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‘At the boundaries of sound’

in collaboration with Enjoy Jazz

Music is far more than an “orderly structure of sounds and stillness”. Behind music lie sound, noise, waves, vibrations and resonances. The effects and uses of sound have been largely under-explored as well as its role in innovation. It facets beyond entertainment include noise in the urban environment, its impacts in the psychological and medical fields its role in creating cultural identities.
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The collaborative imperative: Entrepreneurship and smart city governance – Taipei

Taipei stands at the cusp of a rare opportunity to make the most of its potential, yet this cannot happen with a business as usual approach. Today’s successful cities think, plan, and act in clever ways. They understand they need to work in partnership and bring the creative forces of the city together.

This conference leading figures and experienced practitioners from Taiwan, Europe and Australia together to explore how successful cities have punched above their weight and how they have innovated their governance system and fostered entrepreneurship especially for the young. The event sought to contribute to a blueprint for Taipei to move forward.
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