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The balancing act

Three complex dilemmas have emerged with greater force. They are the balance of power between the city and state; the evolving balance between the virtual and the real and the balance between focusing on risk aversion or on promoting creativity. … Read More

Emerging themes April 2015

A shift is happening and it could be significant. Three issues jump into the foreground and they are linked to three words: ‘human’, ‘public’ and ‘start-up’. There is the Human Cities project led by St. Etienne, involving 12 places across … Read More

Recent insights

History and creativity can be great partners, but only if strong principles lead the way. This is my conclusion reflecting on recent involvement in places as varied as Siem Reap and seeing how tourism and world heritage sites could be … Read More

The City 1.0, The City 2.0 & The City 3.0

Preface People complain how complex urban transformation is and how it might be possible to describe this in understandable terms. In giving talks I have discovered a very simple and useful way to characterize the different phases of urban development … Read More

Urban Acupuncture & Taipei

Taipei’s Urban Regeneration Organization (URO) launched an urban acupuncture programme in 2010 as a means of creating targeted actions that effect things catalytically, generate interest, surprise and establish energy in places. Their aim is to create small interventions with big … Read More

The talent shown in Taipei

I have just left Taipei, where I have been involved for 2 years acting as an advisor/mentor to the head of their Urban Regeneration organization in collaboration with Bamboo Curtain International led by Margaret Shiu of (www.bambooculture.com). Taiwan has a … Read More