Archive of talks and projects

Comedia was fortunate to be part of a number of alternative movements that partially shaped British events and thinking and later had an influence on a number world-wide movements. These include much of the early work on highlighting the importance and providing the methodological framework and evidence for what is now known as the creative economy formerly the cultural industries. Providing, through its publishing programme, some of the intellectual backdrop to the emergence of cultural studies.

Developing the concept of the creative city, which has now become a world-wide movement. This focuses on how in periods of dramatic change and transformation cities need to develop a comprehensive innovative eco-system stretching from how places are organized and managed to how cultural resources are used.

Most recently he has been working on the concept of the creative bureaucracy and civic urbanity.

In the beginning: A brief overview.

Comedia was set up in 1978 by Charles Landry and its name for a short period was the Minority Press Group. Comedia’s aim was to explore the minority press and the barriers they found in getting their voices heard. In fact the word Comedia initially meant ‘communications media’ as our concern was also to examine how activist or radical organizations could get their message across. Although the focus was on how these organizations communicated there was also an interest in the content of their messages. These ranged from alternative technology, the environmental movement, artistic and broader cultural concerns, equity issues, the women’s movement to the emerging the new economics movement.

Comedia was initially supported by two organizations the Joseph Rowntree Social Services Trust, which later became the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and the Gulbenkian Foundation.

The initial focus of Comedia’s research undertaken by Charles Landry, Dave Morley, Crispin Aubrey as well as James Curran was to assess the scope and scale of the alternative publishing movements and what their impact was.

Then a period followed where Comedia did extensive consultancy projects focusing on how organizations could communicate their message, including about 50 market research studies for organizations and magazines.

After this phase we undertook dozens of projects evaluating the impact the culture on the economy and we developed a value chain analysis in the late 1980’s. Once we had worked in places like Barcelona,

Glasgow, Birmingham and Cracow in the late 1980’s Comedia was asked to work across the world.

In the early 1990’s Comedia undertook a series of national studies, such as Out of Hours, analysis what people do at night; the Future of Public Libraries, The Richness of Cities and Parklife.

By the mid the 1990’s Comedia’s focus had shifted to looking at cities and the connection between creativity, culture and the city. This coincided with the publication of a short version of The Creative City in 1995 written by Charles Landry and Franco Bianchini.

After the publication in 2000 of a long version of The Creative City by Charles cities became the focus of Comedia’s work, but usually seen from a cultural perspective focusing on the distinctiveness of places and how they get harness their resources and get onto the radar screen. This was followed by the Art of City Making (2006) and the Intercultural City with Phil Wood (2007)

Charles slowly reduced the size of Comedia and by 2010 decided to work independently with people and organizations in different parts of the world.

I realize that this archive material will only be interesting to avid followers of the history of alternative movements many of which have now become mainstream. It may be a useful resource.



‘The Intercultural City: Planning for Diversity Advantage’ with Phil Wood 2007

‘The Art of City Making’ 2006

Riding the Rapids: Urban Life in an Age of Complexity, RIBA 2005 ‘Imagination and Regeneration: Cultural Policy and the Future of Cities’, Council of Europe, 2002

‘Togetherness in Difference: Culture at the Crossroads in Bosnia Herzegovina’, Council of Europe 2002 Culture at the Crossroads: Culture and Cultural Institutions at the Beginning of the 21st Century’ with Marc Pachter. October 2001

The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators (2000), Earthscan/Kogan Page. An overview of urban trends world-wide, examples of creative urban transformations and methodologies to develop a new form of strategic urban planning. May 2000

Innovative and Sustainable European Cities with Prof. Sir Peter Hall (1998) European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions.

Helsinki: Towards a creative city: Seizing the opportunity and maximizing potential 1998

From Barriers to Bridges: Reimagining Croatian Cultural Policy (1998), The Council of Europe

From the Art of the State to the State of the Art: Bulgaria’s Cultural Policy in Transition (1997), The Council of Europe.

The Art of Regeneration: Cultural Development and Urban Regeneration (1996), with Lesley Greene, Francois Matarasso, Franco Bianchini; Pub. Comedia in Association with Civic Trust Regeneration Unit, London and Nottingham City Council.

The Innovative Capacity of the Swedish Public Library System, (1995) with Liz Greenhalgh and Ken Worpole. Pub. Swedish Council for Cultural Affairs.

Libraries in a World of Cultural Change, (1995), with Liz Greenhalgh and Ken Worpole, pub. UCL Press.

The other Invisible Hand: Remaking Charity for the 21st Century, (1995), with Geoff Mulgan. pub. Demos, London.

The Creative City, (1995), with Franco Bianchini. pub. Demos, London.

Helsinki: A Living Work of Art – Towards a cultural strategy for Helsinki, (1994) with Owen Kelly, Pub. City of Helsinki Information Management Centre.

Borrowed Time: The Future of Public Libraries, (1993), with Ken Worpole and Liz Greenhalgh, pub. Comedia, Bournes Green near Stroud.

What a Way to run a Railroad: An analysis of radical failure, (1986), with Dave Morley, Russell Southwood, Patrick Wright, pub. Comedia

Where is the other News, (1980), with Dave Berry and Liz Cooper, pub. Comedia.

Here is the other News, (1980), with Crispin Aubrey and Dave Morley, pub. Comedia.


‘Helsinki’s Cultural Futures’, Urban Facts, Helsinki, 2002

‘Birmingham’s Cosmopolitan Futures’, Birmingham City Council, 2002, with Phil Wood, Jude Bloomfield, Leonie Sandercock and Franco Bianchini, 2002

‘Can Perth be more creative?’ West Australian Ministry for Planning, January 2002

‘Highbury 3: Dynamic, diverse, different: A report of proceedings , published by Birmingham City Council, summer 2001

The Creative City: A special issue of Streetwise, June/November 2000

‘Balancing Act: 21 Strategic dilemmas in cultural policy’ by Francois Matarasso and to a lesser extent CL (I developed conceptual framework), Council of Europe (1999)

‘The Learning City in the Learning Age’ with Stuart Ranson and Sue Cara, as part of the Richness of Cities project working paper 10, by Comedia (1998)

The Learning City/Region: Approaching problems of its concept, measurement and evaluation, OECD, Paris 1998

The Creative City in Britain and Germany, (1996), with Franco Bianchini, Ralph Ebert, Frits Gnad and Klaus Kunzmann. pub.Anglo-German Foundation, London

‘Revitalizing Cities and Towns through Cultural Development’ with the Civic Trust (1996)

Key Themes and Issues of a Creative City, (1994) with Franco Bianchini. Comedia CC Working Paper no.1.

Indicators of a Creative City: A Methodology for Assessing Urban Vitality and Viability, (1994) with Franco Bianchini. Comedia CC Working Paper no. 3.

What is public about the Public Library, (1992), Comedia Library Working Paper no.4.


Numerous articles in publications such as Regeneration and Renewal, TCPA Journal, Streetwise, Newstart, Mailout, Culturelinks. 2000 onwards

‘Museums at a cusp’ in Museums Journal January 2003

‘The Creative City: Aspiration and Reality’ in the ‘Value of Architecture Centres’ published Wiley Academy, 2003

‘Culture and City Economies’ in ‘Recognizing Culture: A series of papers on culture and development’ edited by Francois Matarasso Comedia with the Department of Cultural Heritage and UNESCO (2001)

‘Learning Cities for the Learning Society’ in Local Education Policies: Comparing Sweden and Britain edited by Christine Hudson and Anders Lidström, Palgrave Publishers (2002)

Cities in the Third Millennium, based on the proceedings of the 6th World Congress of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat 26th February to 2nd March 2001

People, Cities and the new Information Economy; materials from an international conference 14-15th December 2000, City of Helsinki

‘Urban Vitality: A new source of urban competitiveness’ in Archis no:5 special issue on Architecture, city, visual culture in collaboration with the @Prince Claus Fund, 2000/12

Urban Age – A World Bank journal on cities. Several articles from 1995-2000. He was chairman of the editorial board.

‘The role of culture in remaking cities’ in City Visions: Imagining Place, Enfranchising People edited by Frank Gaffikin and Mike Morrissey, Pluto Press 1999

‘Can Cities be Revitalized without Culture’ in the Art of regeneration conference papers edited by Francois Matarasso Comedia, (1996)

Urban Age Where was the private sector in Habitat? August 1996

Creativity: Unleashing a Resource for Urban Management, with Franco Bianchini in Cities and the New Global Economy, pub. OECD, Paris (1994) and also Urban Futures, No;17 Commonwealth Department of Housing and Regional Development, Canberra (1995). Liveability in the City, (1995) in Melbourne: Our City, Our Culure, pub.City of Melbourne.

‘Glimpses of the Future’ in Trading in Futures, proceedings of the 1st national library conference, Melbourne February 1994

Urban Liveability and tourism in cities such as Krakow: A possible methodology for assessment and policy implications; International Cultural Centre, Krakow in ‘Managing Tourism in Historic Cities, 1992

An Analysis of Radical Failure with Dave Morley, Russell Southwood, Patrick Wright in Issues in Voluntary and Non-Profit Management, edited by Julian Batsleer, Chris Cornforth, Rob Paton 1991, Addison Wesley


391 total projects up to this point. Charles Landry’s involvement 260. Total number of talks given by Charles Landry: 383.


Helping to curate the Maastricht Creativity & Innovation conference October 14-16 CL

Bilbao & Bizkaia. A creativity and innovation audit and assessment of the region and the development of inducators CL

Manchester: The Corridor, helping to project the city’s knowledge corridor along Oxford Road which houses two universities, a research hospital and knowledge centre CL

Helsinki as an intercultural city: As part of the long term intercultural city project assessing Helsinki’s situation, its openness and how it can attract new knowledge nomads CL/PW

Keynote addresses and talks in 2009 covered visits to Quito, Maastricht, Almere, The Netherlands Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Freiburg, Germany, Durres, Albania, Espoo/Helsinki, Brisbane, Tel Aviv, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Manchester, Malaga, Leicester


Developing the Intercultural Cities network on behalf of the Council of Europe PW

Northern Irish Strategic Investment board assistance in developing the Regional Development Strategy CL

Reimagining the Gateway, developing a story that can compel locals and lure the global investment community. On behalf of the Regional Development Agencies comprising the London Thames Gateway area CL

Dommesmoen Norway: rethinking new uses for this horticultural heritage park PW/CL

The Intercultural City Conference in Liverpool as part of its European City of Culture Year, 1-3rd May 2008. The European Commission has designated 2008 as the Year of Interculturalism and PW on behalf of Comedia with Euclid organizing the major British event to celebrate the year.

The vision for Dubai: Pulling together the scenarios and options for Dubai’s future on behalf of the Australian organization Urbis, who have been appointed to create Dubai’s new Urban Development Framework CL

Creative Thinker for Portsmouth: CL in collaboration with Claire Chidley

Rethinking Oxford St, Regent St and Bond St in London: Rethinking three of London’s major streets and how a creative twist can contribute to making them more inspiring. CL with Claire Chidley

Penang and George Town Transformation Programme: Developing concepts to help Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the investment holding arm of the Malaysian Government, move from low-cost manufacturing and mass tourism to knowledge intensive industries and high value tourism. CL

Heritage Potential in Taipei County, Taiwan: Applying ‘creative city’ concepts to marry heritage resources with possibilities for innovation. CL with Claire Chidley

Keynote addresses and talks in 2008 covered visits to the Malaysia, Dubai, Norway, Taiwan, Italy, Sweden, Korea, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Latvia, UK


Healthy Cities & Creative Cities – A combined agenda: A pamphlet for the World Health Organization’s Healthy Cities Network to bring together the arguments showing how health issues and urban design affect the possibilities for creativity. CL

Creative Capital Thinker in Residence for Perth: Helping Perth in Western Australia to get on to the global radar screen and to provide a legacy for its community given its current mining generated wealth. On behalf of the cultural change agent FORM Final report available as a free downloads. CL

Hamilton, New Zealand Identity and Creativity Strategy: A short residency to clarify how Hamilton can find a more unique position in the island’s future. CL

Gloucestershire First Urban Economic Strategy: Acting as advisor to the partnership creating the county’s plan. CL

British Council Far East Region: Based on a think piece called: ‘A short guide to the Creative City and more’ helping to shift the Council’s policy beyond its focus on the creative economy. CL

Keynote addresses and talks in 2007 covered visits to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Dubai, Turkey, Germany, Eire, Italy, Belgium, UK


‘Can artists help make great places': The impact artistic approaches can have on changing the mindset of city making professions. For Arts & Business and the Commission on Architecture and the Built Environment. Fred Brookes with CL

Creative City: Norway, talk tour PW

The Value and Values of Culture: A pamphlet outlining why it is ineffective, inefficient and unwise to consider any development process or project without cultural awareness. The question now is not an argument about ‘why culture should be considered?’ and more about ‘what is the cost of not considering culture?’ On behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation. The document is available for free download in German, French and English. CL

A Vision for Andover: Facilitating the creation of a new vision for this small town in Southern England in a participatory way. CL

Doncaster’s Local Economic Growth Initiative: Helping Doncaster put together a major bid to harness central government funding. CL/PW

Engaging with Intercultural Communities for the Academy for Sustainable Communities, resulted in a publication of the same name PW

Creative Cities Albania Project: In collaboration with Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Cultural Programme developing a programme of projects and activities to harness creative approaches to solving day to day problems of a country in development. The initial focus was on two cities, Shkodra and Pogradec this has now extended to six other cities (2004-2008) CL

Lille Metropolitan Collaboration: Developing concepts for cross-border collaboration between Northern France and Western Belgium. CL

The Musagetes Retreat: Writing a background paper and helping facilitate a meeting to establish a new wing of the Musagetes Foundation focused on artistic creativity. C, Jude Kelly, Marc Pachter

Keynote addresses and talks in 2006 covered visits to Germany, Belgium, Albania, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Finland, the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, UK


Culture at the Heart of Transformation: Assessing the transformative effects and lessons learnt from 12 long term co-operation projects in South Eastern Europe – Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania – which used a culturally driven approach to development. For Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Agency for Development & Co-operation. Short book available for free download. CL

Aligning Professional Mindsets: A study for Future London, part of the London Development Agency, to explore the perceptions and attitudes of built environment professionals to each other. It included architects, planners, quantity surveyors, engineers and project managers. The aim was to see how entrenched mindsets and the lack of interdisciplinary working helps or hinders effective imaginative action. CL

Attraction and retention of Migrants in Tyne & Wear case study the Intercultural City PW

Wakefield Cultural Strategy PW with Creativity at Work

South Sheffield Area Development Framework EDAW and PW

Risk and the liveable city Assessing the effects on urban design, overall liveability and professional work practices of over zealous risk consciousness and the trend towards a compensation driven culture. Produced on behalf of the Commission on Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) Available as a free download. CL

Letters to Urban Leaders in the US: A series of six weekly articles addressed to American mayors highlighting upcoming urban trends and strategic dilemmas that urban decision makers face. On behalf of CEOs for Cities CL

New Locations for Pro Helvetia Offices World-wide: Providing a background note and facilitating an event to help decide to make strategic locations decisions as between China, India and South America. CL

The Worcester Way: A brief residency to help reshift Worcester in Massachusetts’ thinking about the potential power of culture in the city’s revitalization. CL

Keynote addresses and talks in 2005 covered visits to Russia, the USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Eire, The Netherlands, Finland, UK.


An Integrated Approach to Culture & Urban Regeneration: Cultural activities & creative industries – A driving force. The European Commission’s URBACT programme. Charles led the 14 city team from Europe looking at cultural aspects can be integrated into mainstream development. Final report available as a free download in French and English. (Started in 2004 and completed in 2006)

The Intercultural City: 8 case studies on a diversity of topics from masterplanning through an intercultural lens to new forms of intercultural consultation. The central proposition was that diversity can lead to innovations and prosperity. The locations were: Tower Hamlets and Lewisham in London, Bristol, Newcastle, Oslo and Drammen in Norway, Logan near Brisbane in Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. One result is the book The Intercultural City: Planning for diversity advantage. More details on (started in 2004 and completed in 2006) PW and CL with assistance for case studies from Richard Brecknock, Jude Bloomfield, Franco Bianchini et. al. See

Regional Centre of Excellence for Urban Renaissance PW with Urbed

Glasgow Cultural Strategy: Helping to build a passionate participatory culture in Glasgow where citizens of all backgrounds involve themselves as participants and spectators in arts, sports and cultural pursuits. CL

Riding the Rapids: Urban Life in an Age of Complexity, an assessment on behalf of the Building Futures Group within the RIBA CL

Culture East Midlands: The evidence base for culture and its effect of regeneration CL/FBr

Advisor to the Creative Energy Centre, a creative incubator in the city of Wollongong, Australia PW

Keynote addresses and talks covered: Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Eire, Norway, Slovenia, Italy, Russia


‘Thinker in Residence’ for South Australia advising the premier and state on greater Adelaide’s future potential. CL

Oldham Beyond – A 20 year vision for the troubled borough of Oldham taking in urban planning and architecture, economic development, cultural change and community cohesion PW

The Council of Europe – Cultural Entrepreneurship and Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe (2002-2003) Building infrastructures and expertise in Russia and Eastern Europe for the development of indigenous creative industries within local economic development strategies; PW

Advising Leicester in its attempts to re-position the city over the next decade through a project called ‘Leicester Revealed’ involving the establishment of a series of thematic years. CL

The East Midlands Creative Industries Study on behalf of East Midlands Development Agency – the largest such study ever

commissioned in the UK. Also acting as Cluster Manager for Creative Industries for EMDA; PW

Yorkshire Forward – The Renaissance Towns Initiative with particular responsibility for consultation with ‘town teams’ and

assessing the feasibility of a regional centre of excellence for regeneration and renaissance; PW

Development of a Data and Intelligence Framework for the Creative Industries in London commissioned by London Development Agency PW

Agency establishing authoritative definitions and measurement tools for the largest creative economy in Europe PW

A study of the social and economic impact of the Preston Caribbean Carnival PW

Part of think tank to review Canadian cultural policy, Calgary. July 2004 CL

Lecture tour of Norway on new approaches to city making and planning. June 2004. CL

On behalf of the Swiss Co-operation Programme developing a creative places strategy, programme and organizational structure for Albania. 2004 onwards CL

Week long residency at the Canberra Festival of Creativity and Innovation May 2004 CL

Creating Cultural Capital programme in Eastern Europe on behalf of the Council of Europe, PW with Tom Fleming, Geoffrey Brown

Leicester Creative Industries Mapping Study PW/FBr

Creative Region strategy for Salem, New England. CL

Expert input to Migration, a Symposium on culture and development in northern Norway and Russia for the Barents Secretariat PW

Working with Tiblisi in Georgia on an integrated cultural policy for the city. CL


City of Difference: Birmingham’s Cosmopolitan Futures with PW, CL, Leonie Sandercock, Jude Bloomfield and Fbi

South Tyneside Transformation Commission resulting in report ‘From Ordinary to Extraordinary’ CL + PW

Leicester Masterplan with Roger Tym and Partners CL

Newcastle European City of Culture presentations CL, Bob Palmer and Beatrix Garcia

Evens Foundation judging panel intercultural award February 22nd/23rd

Lifelong Learning Awards dinner, Birmingham 21st March

Cultural Vision for York: contribution to the community plan PW

Hong Kong/Taiwan 2nd April – 14th April, 13th April talk on the future of the arts in HK central library

Finance for Creative Business, organizing conference PW

Vienna, Eurocities conference ‘Creative Urban Visioning: Barriers and opportunities’ April 16th

Gothenburg ‘ Creative City’ 18th April

Making Sense: an agenda for manual skills – Dartington May 1st/2nd

Montreux seminar, Culture and Cities in the East, Council of Europe, culture and regeneration presentation 10th/11th May

Leicester Revealed May 14th/15th with Chris Murray and Fbi based on ‘Making Sense of Place

Investing in Heritage conference Newcastle 4th July

15th Australia trip Adelaide, Brisbane – 5th – 20th July Adelaide, Brisbane – Talks Adelaide 10th with Alfonso Ceara Bilbao and Playford planning day 11th, 15th Brisbane ‘Your City , your say; 16th Creative industries Forum; keynote Creative and the Creative Industries keynote; cultural planning and policy teams presentation 17th + cultural advisory boards; 18th talk and workshop executive management teams; 19th Lord Mayor’s lunch presentation 9 presentations 96 Oz presentations in total

Bosnia continuation Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Pale, + writing Sarajevo national debate report November 22nd/23rd

Fulda planning workshop presentation in Germany September 10th

Aarhus Nyx launch ‘Arts and Business’ ‘Creative industries and the city’ September 18th

Oslo – Public Arts conference the ‘Creative City’ September 19th

Cheltenham – Economic Impact of Festivals Fred Brookes and Max Trotter-Landry + CL

Brisbane – Towards a Creative City. External advisor to support the Living in Brisbane 2010 agenda providing strategies for the development of the city’s creative sector over the next ten years. CL part of team led by Brecknock Consulting

Belfast – Culture and Regeneration conference October 3rd

The Schader Foundation – Urban Creativity: Western European and Eastern Germany’s experiences in dealing with urban decline external consultant PW

Leicester Revealed facilitation process CL

The impact of critical mass in sports and culture project for Liverpool on behalf of the core cities – CL/PW + Chris Gratton and Douglas Clark

Releasing the Cultural Potential of our Core Cities: A joint cultural framework for Core Cities Group of major English cities PW

Thessaloniki and Veria Greece- Culture and Cities presentation November 8th –10th

Bilbao – annual lecture for Metropoli 30 November 12th

Espoo – The Learning City conference with Ken Robinson December 2nd

Japan 7th – 19th Talks in Nagahama for Kurakabe event and conference on Culture and the Economy 15th December, Osaka to help launch Graduate School for Creative Cities 16th December; the Creative City in Tokyo on behalf of the Japan Foundation 17th December


Lewisham chair of ‘Culture and Urban Development Commission’ with Ginny Dunscombe – results in ‘Creative Lewisham’ report summer 2001 CL

Highbury 3 preparation of background materials and guiding event 9th- 11th February Birmingham – A city of flourishing, connected neighbourhoods CL/PW

14th Australia trip via Tokyo and Mumbai – February 21st – 14th March 26th February Cultural Network presentation, with Jan Gehl, Melbourne; 27th Council on Tall Buildings; 28th Department of Infrastructure; 1st March Institute of Public Administration; 2nd Capital City with Jan Gehl, Adelaide; City as a Stage, Adelaide, 3rd/4th March; 7th Future Perth workshop. 7 presentations

Arts Festivals Association, Chester 16th March

Annual Museums Studies lecture 22nd March ‘The Future of Museums’, London 22nd March

Reading – A decade of Achievement, ATCM, the Creative City 29th March

Aarhus, Kaos Pilots, Creative City talk 3rd April

Rotterdam Jeanne van Heeswijk talk May 30th

Norwich – City Centre Renaissance conference June 14th

ILAM Creative City talk, Bournemouth, June 19th

York Cultural Strategy talk and seminar 4th July

Rotterdam The City as Experience event talk 20th July

Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai 30th July – 7th August Hong Kong – ‘Towards a Creative City’

‘Revitalizing Urban Neighbourhoods’, Copenhagen 7th September

Helsinki 9th –12th Completion Helsinki Cultural Futures project

Architectural Foundation chair conference the Lansbury Festival

GEM conference British Museum 20th September ‘Museums and their futures’ based on Culture at the Crossroads

Converge Conference, Nottingham, The Creative City organized by Colin Mercer

Experience Economy project with the London Institute Andrew Whittle, Richard Cawley, Annabel Biles + CL

Core Cities cultural impact project PW

New York, The Future of Queen’s Conference, 23rd October with Port of NY Authority + Linda Lees, keynote speech

Venice, the Context for Culture Now, finalization of Culture at the Crossroads project – + publication of the book, 5th –8th November

Fabric, Bradford, keynote to launch organization based on the Creative City, 17th November

Rotterdam Metropolis Conference assessment of Erasmus and library talk 27/28th November

Mapping Study of the Culture Cluster of the North East region of England for One North East with the University of Newcastle PW


The Art of Regeneration project – Culture and Sustainable Democratic Development policy paper for Council of Europe and Madeleine Grossmann CL +Fbi

2nd New Zealand trip 14th February – 1st March Creative 17th – NZ lunch time talk; university talk Brian Opie DICE, evening Creative City talk, 18th Traditions of culture talk, 25th Auckland university talk

South Africa – Art of Regeneration tour Stephen Sack, Andre Le Roux – 14th March –25th March Jo’burg, Durban, Cape Town, Mpamalanga CL organizes British end with Phil Wood, Peter Stark

Manchester Cultural Production study Justin O’Connor, Jo Burns, + CL

Randers talk for Lise Bisballe opening of Undervaerket 27th January CL

Helsinki evaluation of the Cultural Capital 2000 – 5 visits in year February, June, July, October, December CL

The money of culture and the culture of money – Budapest 10th April CL

Ivanovo tour Russia with Sue Causey, Mischa Gnedovsky – The Art of Regeneration CL

Philanthropy project with Trevor Smith, Tony Flower, Helmut Anheier, Diana Leat appears as book 2002 ‘From Charity to Creativity CL

The Creative City conference 25th-27th May – includes book launch conference 2nd June Newport for Dataculture CL

Eastleigh talk June 2000

Bosnia cultural policy review – includes seminars in Bihac June, Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo + trip to Sarajevo/Banja Luka – becomes publication ‘Togetherness in Difference: Culture at the Crossroads in Bosnia Herzegovina’, Council of Europe 2002

Milton Keynes City Centre Masterplan with EDAW

3rd New Zealand trip Te Papa peer review Wellington – with Neil Cossons, Charles Saumarez Smith + others, includes talk ‘Cultural tourism’ talk 9th August + Creative NZ seminar 4th August via Las Vegas 30th July – 12th August

Amsterdam Summer School 14th – 17th August with PW

Reykjavik talk Culture Capitals event 18th – 21st August

13th Australia trip Perth 2nd – 9th September – keynote speech Creative Cities 8th August, results in publication ‘Can Perth be more creative?’, January 2002 Perth talk in 2000 Habitus presentations x 3

IFHP congress Rotterdam – talk The innovative city 11th – 13th September

Norwich 18th September talk ‘The Creative City’

Randers 20th –22nd September with Lise Bisballe CL and PW Randers vision

Derry Festival – The Future of Cities with CL with PW

Manchester cultural strategy consultation project PW and Jo Burns

Birmingham Creative City project preparation for Highbury 3 documents

ICA conference ‘Culture and Cities’ chair of day 21st October

Rotterdam – 10 years of Rotterdam Development Corporation celebration talk 30th November – 3rd December

Helsinki Millennium conference – ‘People, Cities and the new Information Economy’ conference 1/15th December includes Manuel Castells, Saskia Sassens


Munich conference ‘Culture and Cities’ for WB CL

Yemen – San’aa, Shibam and Zabid 30th January – 10th February

Ottawa conference with Tim Campbell 1/15th February CL

South Africa – Newtown project 9th – 17th March Johannesburg CL

Barcelona talk 19th April for Eduardo Delgado –urban revitalization and culture

EDI course on city strategy Toronto 13th- 15th May CL/ Tim Campbell

Cities of Tomorrow – Cultural planning seminar Milton Keynes Pauline Scott-Garrett and Chris Murray

South Africa 5th –13th June Newtown project CL

Urban Cultural Forum, Hamburg 17th/18th June including background paper CL

20th June Chiang Mai, Thailand ‘Cultural Heritage Workshop’

24th/25th Pasadena – Getty Conditions for Culture project completion of Rome paper in autumn –summit 3rd-6th November

Amsterdam Summer School 9th-12th August

Amsterdam Arts Marketing conference 14th September

‘Culture Counts’ World Bank conference including CofE Art of Regeneration workshop 4th-7th October

Helsinki Creative City talk 21st October ‘

Reimagining South Africa – marketing strategy workshop with Carol Steinberg 25th-27th November, Johannesburg

The Art of Regeneration in the Balkans 30th November – 12th December Bitola, Macedonia, Sliven Bulgaria and Sibiu and Sulina Romania for Council of Europe


OECD The Learning City-Region: Approaching problems of the concept, its measurement and evaluation CL (+FM)

Washington World Bank: Culture and the revitalization of cities: Developing a strategy of influence 25th February 1998

Helsinki – The Creative City and maximizing its potential came out as a publication CL

Rowntree: The Arts and Community FM+CL

Sci-Art evaluation of prize and evaluation Terry Trickett + CL 1998-1999

Beyond Book Issues: The social potential of public libraries, FM (+CL), based on an assessment of the Holt-Jackson library awards

PULSE project for libraries – resulting in ‘Learning Development: An introduction to the Social Impact of Libraries’ FM (+CL)

Richness of Cities KW + LG with CL – 4 case studies Birmingham, Glasgow, Watford, Middlesbrough – resulted in 9 working papers and final Richness of Cities report (1997-1999)

Glasgow Candleriggs with Roger Tym and Partners and John Chell + CL

Sarajevo – Council of Europe seminar June 22nd week CL

Creative Scotland 1998 FM

Belfast – led to Vital Signs publication Francois 1998

Urban Age editorial meetings throughout the year – chairman of board CL

Amsterdam Summer School 31st August to 3rd September CL + PW

15th September to Washington World Bank – involvement in Creative urban Transformations seminar and Culture and Sustainable Development conference CL

Nancy conference 23rd-25th October ‘Business and the Arts CL

Salone di Beni Culturali conference Turin with Franco Pasacantando + Serageldin, Carol Steinberg

Vienna Cities and Culture seminar + background paper 26th-29 November

Bulgaria National debate Sofia – 30th November – 1st December

Croatian National Debate Trakoscan 3rd – 4th December

Conditions for Culture project Marc Pachter/CL + Getty

Charles Landry moves to the World Bank (WB) in September 1998 until end of July 1999 as advisor on ‘culture and cities’.


Museums and Learning talk – Museums Association 23rd January CL

Stroud Cultural Planning – Betsy, CL, Lesley Greene, Fbi, Andrew Wood,

SURF, Glasgow talk + Dejan Sudjic 19th February CL

St.Petersburg – Museums Marketing Manual Sue Causey, Selina Fow, Barbara Woronzick, Mark Suggitt, CL,

Belfast talk Economic Development Department conference 27th February CL

‘Innovative and Sustainable European Cities’ CL with Peter Hall, European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions contact Voula Mega, published as book of same title

Leicester Cultural Planning course CL for Fbi 10th March

Tower Hamlets Cultural Industries Assessment CL

Bremen talk with Palazzi – The Bremen Declaration on Sustainable Municipalities 14th March

11th Australia trip 16th – 30th April Adelaide + Melbourne, Sydney, Maitland and Newcastle 6 x presentations including Liveability event.

Sarajevo meeting 1997 C of E first meeting of people from Bosnia &Herzegovina and Republika Srpska CL

British Telecom project on how to involve itself with communities –Stephen Serpell FM + CL

Croatia Cultural Policy Review – came out in 1998 as ‘From Barriers to Bridges: Rethinking Croatia’s Cultural Policy’ CL with Vladimir Skok, Veronika Ratzenboeck + Estonian

Manchester Library conference ‘The Social impact of libraries’ 27th June

Rich Mix, Tower Hamlets, Centre for Intercultural understanding – opened 2003 CL

INSEAD conference Glasgow, ‘The Arts and Regeneration and Learning’ 12th July

Amsterdam Summer School 11th – 14th August CL + PW

Moscow conference ‘Moscow as the centre of Eurasia’ 2nd September CL

Gothenburg talk to regional council for Christina Hjorth + keynote speech IFHP congress 26/27th September

Melbourne City Plan advice and commentary for Sally Vivian October CL

12th Australia trip speaking tour – Melbourne, Sydney 6th-18th October CL AIUS liveability Oct 1997 6 x presentation including Dinosaur conference

Karlsruhe talk 1997 CL

Library conference with the Community Development Foundation, London CL

Calderdale Cultural Plan John Chell with CL

‘Reinventing Britain Abroad’ for the British Council CL/LG

Glasgow Social Impact conference with CDF 26th November

Cardiff Bay Mount Stuart Square Cultural Quarter Plan Mary Rogers with CL


South Africa Cultural Industries Growth Strategy CL with Stephen Hodes and Carol Steinberg and Stephen Sack 1997-1998

Creative Town Initiative Huddersfield board member and associated obligations with PW

GOL with Arups – Role of the Cultural Industries in London CL


From this year onwards giving talks and presentations becomes a far stronger element of Comedia’s work.

8th Australia trip Adelaide 21 project focus group meetings 3rd February – 24th February via KL presentations x 2 including Portraits of Planning

Social Impact of the Arts core project 1996-1998 resulting in Use or Ornament

Basically FM with CL assistance

Feisean Assessment – The Highlands – Social Impact – FM

Batley City Challenge Exit Strategy – Social Impact – John Chell/FM

Hounslow – Ethnic minority study – Social Impact – NK

Nottingham – Museums Education Assessment – Social Impact – FM/NK

Portsmouth – Social Impact case study – FM

The Social Impact of the Digital Arts -social impact case study NK/OK/Eva Wojdat

The Social Impact of the Arts in Finland – Antti Karisto/Timo Cantell

The Arts of Regeneration publication and conference organization – March – FM/CL

9th Australia trip 12 March – 29th March Adelaide 21 presentations x 3

Copenhagen talk 12th April Managing arts and culture in the new north

Wellcome Foundation Arts and Science project with Terry Trickett/ CL

Prague: Wenceslaw Square community planning project as part of John Thompson Associates – April – CL

Belfast talk 1st May CL

People, Parks and Cities: A review of best practices for the DoE LG/KW et al.

April 1996 Cities of Eastern Europe: Made into museums or reinvented

Hounslow – Redlees Stables arts and crafts complex Chris Burton/NK

Vilnius: A review of the consultancy report for the Old Town revitalization strategy for the World Bank – July – CL

Bulgaria’s Cultural Policy An evaluation – Rapporteur of a Council of Europe expert group ‘From the Art of the State to the State of the of the Art’ completed 1997 – CL with Peter Schreiber, Cornelia Duemcke, Naima Balic, Finnish lady 5 trips

London: Library City – Summer – LG/KW/Chris Burton

Adelaide 21 – A strategy for the future of the city concluded 1997 CL with Michael Lennon

World Business Forum – Corporate best practices for Habitat, Istanbul – 30th May – 4th June – CL

London Cultural life talk June 1996

Helsinki Creative City case study on innovative potential of vision documents and new partnership organizations CL

Kirklees: Can the town maintain its creative milieu? CL/Lia

Manchester – The impact of telematics policy on deprived communities CL/Justin O’Connor for Dave Carter contact Steve Avery

London’s Comparative strengths in relation to New York, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles – published as Four World Cities in collaboration with Llewellyn Davies and the Bartlett School – May – CL et al.

The Creative City Conference, Helsinki – co-organizing 15/16th August CL

10th Australia trip 30th September – 19th October Adelaide 21 + Melbourne ‘The City theatre of life’ and later 7th October library seminar, 8th Reading the Future, 9th Social Cost, Social Benefit, 10th Dandenong, 11th presentation both 7 presentations

Kiel – with Steve Austen consultation with cultural department 24th –27th October

The East End Discovery Quarter CL

New Orleans talk ‘The Arts and Regeneration’ 13th November CL

Talk tour Germany – Halle, Madgeburg, Schwerin, Luebeck, Kiel, Hamburg, Frankfurt November 19th-22nd Anglo-German Foundation CL


Parklife: Case Studies













Mantua: Maximizing the Cultural Assets of the Town CL/Lia Ghilardi

Bollate: Setting up a public/private partnership for Villa Arconati

Spirit of Place – The Reuse of Redundant Churches – Francois Matarasso

The Creative City – The Demos Book CL/FBi. This publication was significant in Comedia’s development

Arts and Urban Planning – An assessment for Ove Arup’s – CL

The Other Invisible Hand: The future of the campaigning and voluntary sector July CL/Geoff Mulgan. This book was published by Demos

The Arts and Urban Regeneration for the Civic Trust CL/Lesley Greene

Urban Cultural Policies towards Human development Objectives for Council of Europe as part UNESCO Culture and Development Decade FBi/CL

Northern Ireland Best practice in libraries report LG/KW

The innovative capacity of the Swedish public library system + An evaluation of GÖK CL/LG/KW

5th Australia trip 26th June –7th July Brisbane, Sydney Pyrmont/Ultimo Revitalization: Towards a Vision for City West Corporation in collaboration with People for Places and Spaces CL + 3 x presentations

Library talk Manchester CL 22nd June

6th Australia trip Adelaide Adelaide 21 project 22nd July – 5th August 27th DHUD talk, 28th library talk, 31st MFP talk, + talk to Dept. of Arts and Culture The Vlue of the Arts 4 presentations via Kimberleys

A survey of evaluation of the arts for Milan research institute CL/FBi

1st New Zealand trip 31st August – 9th September Library talks in Masterton x 2 for NZLIA + talks in Christchurch, Wellington.

Gdansk Cultural Plan for the Millennium CL

The quality of life and some considerations for Pyrmont/Ultimo – Sydney CL

Community Indicators and Libraries talk CDF 16th November CL

7th Australia trip – Adelaide 21 16th November – 1st December presentations x 3

Establishment of a Helsinki Development Partnership – May – CL

Within Reach -A community Arts Strategy for Belfast – FM

Bolton City Challenge Programme Assessment – Pilot project social impact John Chell/FM


3rd Australia trip 26th January –20th February 31st January Arts Victoria library seminar, 1st February Trading in Futures, Glimpses of the Future Melbourne, 3rd The Future of the Library, 4th Strategy libraries presentation, 7th NSW tourism presentation Sydney, 9th City of Melbourne 2 x presentations, 14th Adelaide LGA + CAN presentation, 15th State Library talk, 16th Perth State Library presentation via Hong Kong 10 presentations

The Creative City: An Anglo-German workshop Glasgow in collaboration with the Institut für Raumplanung and Stadtart Dortmund with 10 city case studies CL/FBi. This led to the publication ‘The Creative city in the UK and Germany’.

Vital and Viable Town Centres in collaboration with Urbed CL/LG

Vitality and Viability indicators CL/FBi

Blackburn Town Centre Strategy in collaboration with the Civic Trust CL

Coalville Town Centre Strategy in collaboration with the Civic Trust LG

Melbourne: Developing vitality and viability indicators CL

Rethinking charity finance as part of charity sector review with Demos CL/GM came out later as a book The Other Invisible Hand

Doncaster Town Centre Cultural Animation Strategy as part of Civic Trust project – April CL/Lia

Borrowed Time: Final Report of the Future of Public Libraries project – KW/LG/CL

MIDA: Production funds and venture capital assessment, Liverpool – Patrick Gamble

Helsinki: A Living Work of Art – October – CL/OK 5 trips. This became one of the background documents to help Helsinki become European City of Culture.

Kiev – developing the voluntary sector in collaboration with Berlin organization. A study and training visit. CL

St. Petersburg: An assessment of the potential of small museums – June- CL/Celina Fox/Sue Causey

4th Australia trip 8th November – 2nd December Brisbane presentations x 4, Albury presentation 18th November, OECD Melbourne conference Cities and the New Global Economy, Melbourne x 2, Sydney x3 11 presentations via Manila?

Best Practice in Public Library Provision for NI General Consumer Council – LG/KW

The Quality of life in cities: A review of the literature and assessment of the state of the art with Robert Rogerson & CL


The Future of Public Libraries study: Case Studies – led to the Borrowed Time publication

Dorset library case study – location for a new library CL

Lewisham: The role of the library in open learning KW

Birmingham: The role of the public library in urban regeneration NK

Cleveland: Developing less tangible performance indicators KW/Rebecca O’Rourke

Mid-Hertfordshire: The development of aspects of a strategic plan for a regional library service LG (+CL)

Hounslow: How different user groups view branch and central library services NK + Alaap

Liveable Cities is Design Enough? University of Central England 24th April CL

Vital and Viable town centres with Urbed for the DoE CL with FBi

Bournemouth: An assessment of alternative sites for the public library CL

Northern Ireland: The advantages and disadvantages of the library service being delivered jointly with education KW

Reigate: The library as a communications nodal point OK

Oxford Independent Video for Southern Arts – OK

New Sources of Advice for the Forestry Commission November CL

The Social Impact of the Arts pilot study CL/FBi/Maurice Maguire (+KW/LG)

Creating Economic and Social Vitality in Runcorn and Widnes town centres CL/Paul Davies (+LG/Urbed)

2nd Australia trip 7th August –12th September 23rd August State Library, 24th City West presentation + workshop, 25th presentation Parliament House, 26th Warringah presentation, Canberra 27th National Capital planning Association presentation + general presentation, 28th Hobart presentation Community Arts Network, 30th Glenorchy presentation in Grindelwald, 31st presentation in Launceston, 1st September Melbourne Technolib presentation + Carringbuck presentation, 2nd Newcastle presentation x 2, Penrith presentation + workshop, 6th Ipswich presentation + Brisbane recreation department + IRDC, 7th Brisbane planning department, 8th Queensland library x 3 board + politicians etc. + general, 9th Quality of Life seminar 23 presentations

Westminster Arts Strategy: A framework March CL

Cracow Cultural Monitoring report CL

Huddersfield Animation Strategy as part of Civic Trust City Challenge advice to the town – December – CL

Bulgaria Training Needs Assessment CL


Harrow Arts Centre – market research February OK/LG

An Arts Plan for Harrow February LG/OK

Developing Literature in Northamptonshire NK/KW

Hackney Link: Freesheet feasibility study – Spring – KW

An arts plan for Redbridge – April – NK

Festivals -An opportunity for regeneration Bradford 11th March talk CL

Chineham Quality of Life Assessment for Basingstoke – LG/Jenny Beerbohm

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery: An Evaluation NK/FBr + Alaap

Feasibility Study on Nottingham literature centre NK?

Redbridge cultural plan NK, LG, OK

The Perception of Japanese Cars – DM/OK/LG/CL

Leicester – Accessibility of Abbey Park NK + ALAAP

HUB project with Civic Trust

Hounslow – The Asian Community and local parks NK + ALAAP

Dewsbury talk 15th June CL

Tower Hamlets Arts Project Development Plan Report on activities 1992/93 and plans for 1993/94 – June – John Goodman//CL/JM

Cultural planning conference Liverpool 17th-19th September Fbi, Jude Bloomfield, Michael Parkinson CL

Middlesborough Arts Development Strategy FBr

Cracow Strategic Cultural Development Plan CL 8 trips, Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, October

Daventry Town Centre Strategy – March – CL/KW/Evelyn Hamilton

The Future of St. Stephens Theatrespace, Cardiff – March – FBr

Kirklees Cultural Strategy Development CL

1st Australia trip – organized by Colin Mercer November/December seminar State Library1st Dec., seminar Australia Council 2nd Dec.,4th Dec. keynote Brisbane – The Creative City, 5th Dec. Cultural industries assessment, 7th Penrith talk, Canberra Community Arts Network talk, 8th Dec., 9th Cultural planning seminar Launceston, 10th Melbourne Cultural Industries presentation; 11th presentation Melbourne City Council 9 presentations. This tour and later ones help develop longer term relationship with Australia. It led to two residencies. The first in 2003 as ‘Thinker in Residence’ in Adelaide and in 2007 ‘Creative Capital Thinker’ in Perth.


Wellingborough Theatre and arts Trust: Market Assessment Proposed Theatre and Arts Centre Stage 2 – June – JH

Making the most of Glasgow’s cultural assets -The creative city and its cultural economy for the SDA later GDA CL (+a bit of FBi)

Revitalizing Gloucester OOH report – February CL

Hull Media Industries Strategy – Vols. 1,2,3 FBr

Signposts for Southend as part of OOH March KW

The Chapel Feasibility Study for the Spike Community Association March JM

Coldharbour Lane – building feasibility study – March JM

Feltham OOH study – April – LG

Hillingdon Corporate Arts Strategy – April – LG

Arts Development in Elmbridge Vol. 1& 2 – April – FBr

Cardiff Bay Opera House: Market Assessment and Feasibility Study JH/FBr/CL

Ryedale Cultural Review LC/CL

Survey of local authorities in the Southern Arts region: Data Analysis and Commentary – June- JM

JRCT Public Interest Campaign Groups – A review Simon Blanchard

Basingstoke: A new start for the town centre LG

London World City: The analysis of the importance of culture + comparisons with other world cities Vol. 1,2,3,4 – December – CL

Wolsey Theatre Marketing Plan, Ipswich – Summer – JH

Opportunities and options -An arts audit of Bolton: A report to the Metro and NWA – September – OK

Woolwich Town Centre report as part of OOH KW

Thamesdown National Dance Agency Marketing Plan – November = Margaret Simons/JH

Manchester Safe and Sound: Case study as part of OOH LC/LG

Musicians Union Manchester: Business Plan – Spring – CL

The Big Four in the Service of Liverpool: Strategic Plan on behalf of the Tate, Liverpool Playhouse, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, National Museums and Galleries Commission on Merseyside CL/JH

Liverpool Strategic Action Plan for the Arts JH/CL

The Assets Liverpool Should Exploit: The opportunities for cultural investment CL

Artistic Capital: A Review of London’s Cultural Potential for LWT – Summer – CL

The Cultural Sectors in Liverpool -Infrastructure and Rankings: Stage 1 – January – CL

The Cultural Industries in Liverpool: A report to the Merseyside Taskforce – Stage 2 – Simon Blanchard/CL

A survey of reports on the arts and cultural industries in Liverpool and their present status 1986-1991 -Stage 3 CL

The Beck Theatre and its proposed development -November FBr

Media Development in Luton: A feasibility study for Eastern Arts and LBC – Tony Dowmunt (+Simon Blanchard)

Northcott Theatre Exeter Strategic Marketing Plan 1991-1993 JH as HP

Chipping Norton Marketing Plan JH

Basingstoke Leisure Survey – August – LG

Towns Centres and Drinking – Paper as part of OOH KW

The importance of culture for urban economic development: The UK case study for IRPUD, Dortmund FBi/CL/LG

The Arts in Oxfordshire – JH

The Creative Use of Money in the Arts for AC as part of National Arts Strategy – CL

Out of Hours Final Report – Summer – KW, CL, LG, JM


Certaldo 2000 -A strategic plan for the town – Mario Rotta, FBi, Lia, CL et al

The Docklands Map Summer LC/Chris Corr

Northcott Theatre Exeter marketing audit – Spring – JH as Hyams Phelan

Feasibility of a building led approach to providing additional arts facilities in Faversham JM/JH

A Cultural Strategy for Stoke on Trent – April – CL/Phyllida Shaw/FBi

Proposals for a cultural industries strategy in Edinburgh – June – CL/JM

An Opera Auditorium for Elsham – FBr

Chipping Norton Theatre Marketing Study – Autumn – JH

The Cultural Economy of Barcelona – in collaboration with INITS/Mireia Bellil – December CL

Green Street Newham multicultiural street Naseem, JM, (CL)

Alexandra Palace Strategy in collaboration with Charterhouse – Autumn – CL

Arezzo Dov’E? – A Cultural Strategy – Mario Rotta/FBi/CL

Southampton Cultural Industries Strategy – September – JM/CL

Living it Up in Luton: Case Study as part of OOH – October – CL

MAX Marketing the Arts in Oxfordshire: First 3 years business plan 1990-1993 JH as HP

Middlesborough OOH case study July – KW

Arts Plan for North Bedfordshire KW/NK

Albany Video and Video Engineering & Training: A business plan for a new video resource centre Simon Blanchard/CL

Wellingborough Theatre and Arts Trust: Market assessment – proposed theatre and arts centre in Wellingborough – October – JH as HP

Cambridge Festival: An assessment of its marketing and appeal to young people February JH as HP

Reading Quality of Life review as part of OOH CL

Ethnic Cuisine & Catering Centre in Brent – May – JM

Update to Kensington and Chelsea Arts Development Plan – September – KW

Arts and Transport – KW as Illuminations with Naseem Khan (NK)

Development Options for the Association of Islands Communities(AIC) for LDDC – May – JM

Promoting Preston case study as part of OOH FBi + LC

Sight and Sound Readership Survey – May – Simon Blanchard

Encouraging the Others: Marketing and the National Arts Strategy JH

Salisbury District Arts Development Strategy – December – OK/Phyllida Shaw

All Change – Marketing All Change Arts OK/Phyllida Shaw


The impact of the PSI report on the economic importance of the arts for Gulbenkian KW/CL

The North West Audio Visual Economy – Vol. 1 Issues and Strategy Proposals Simon Blanchard/LG

The North West Audio Visual Economy – Vol. 2 Sector Studies and working papers JM/LG/Simon Blanchard

Cloth of Gold – Hidden in the Basement : A strategic plan November Owen Kelly (OK)

Creating a Real City -LDDC – An arts action programme for London Jonathan Hyams (JH)/CL

St Georges Lower School Annex Project Fred Brookes (FBr)

Arun District Council – short leisure review CL

Buckinghamshire Arts Association – organizational review Madelaine Hutchins/CL

A contemporary music media centre in Birmingham – June – Vic Coppersmith Heaven/CL

St. John’s and Samuda Community Centre Plan Isle of Dogs John Montgomery(JM)

The Arts in Education in Berkshire – June – KW

Creative Camera Readership survey and future options – November Simon Blanchard/CL

The future of Trust News – November – LC/CL

The Food Magazine: Market research and distribution LC/CL

Floodlight -the future of and interim development plan for External Relations Branch of the ILEA – February and June – LC

The publishing programme of Southern Arts – Summer – CL

Magic and Transformation: A View of the Arts in the South KW

Southern Arts Questionnaire Analysis – CL

Socio-economic profile of the Southern Arts Region – March 0 JM

Tyneside Cinema Development Study – February – FBr

Holborn Performing Arts Centre: Strategic Plan – June FBr

Berkshire Arts Development Plan – June – OK (+KW/CL)

From the City of Imagination to the City of Design: A design strategy for Liverpool – FBi/CL

Brighton Production Study Simon Blanchard

West London Technology Network: A Cultural Industries Scan August JM/CL

Video Vera Productions: Business development strategy and outline marketing plan – March – Debbie Saunders

Scientific World Marketing Plan CL

Developing a cultural industries strategy for Coventry – June – JM

Nova Ltd. Boatbuilding company: A development plan, Bristol – March – FBr

Charleston: An organizational Review – Summer – CL

Easy Access: Leisure cards, towncards and the local economy for SEEDS – June – KW

A survey of the arts in Dorset November – OK/Phyllida Shaw

Regent Centre, Christchurch Development Study – October – FBr

Managing Change: An arts development plan for Kensington and Chelsea – October – KW

Greenwich 2001: A Concept Strategy led by CL/JM + many others

Liverpool OOH pilot study FBi/LG


Establishing a Media Zone and a Media Enterprise Centre in Birmingham January – CL

Birmingham A/V Centre Feasibility Study – April – CL/Peter Waller

Media Zone: Mechanisms for Intervention April CL

Acton Town Hall feasibility study – February – RS

Pyramid Arts, Hackney – A development plan – March CL

Catholic Housing Aid Society: Communications Audit – March – RS

Bristol Old Vic Trust: Management Review July PB

Belgrade Theatre Coventry: Management Review PB

Cinema of Women Development Plan – June – RS

Policy Studies Institute: Publishing and Despatch Strategy CL

College of Health – Strategic Review – Part 1 & 2 for the Consumers Association March Mik Smith/CL 75

Minority Arts Advisory Services Training Unit – Outline Strategic Review – RS

ILEA Learning Resources Branch TV Services – Feasibility Study May RS

Society for Education in Film and Television – A strategic review – September Simon Blanchard/CL

Activision: A strategic plan RS

ACTT Franchised Workshops: An assessment of the BFI’s Regional Production Fund and the impact of its funding – May – RS

London Video Arts: Management Review RS

Floodlight reorganization 1988-1990 LC

Bordon Community Arts Centre – JH with Michael Prochak

Northumberland Wildlife Trust: Management Review – July – PB

Computers for Arts Marketing -A survey of computerized box office systems and specialised software – Michael Prochak as MP

National Visual Arts Information Project: Technology Overview and Assessment – Michael Prochak

Hounslow Leisure Services, Arts and Entertainment – market research implications July RS

Southern Arts -Strategic Development Plan CL/KW

Beta P – Press and Printing Project, Hackney – RS/PB

Midlands Arts Marketing Agency -A review of scope and development Boyden Southwood in association with Comedia -October RS/CL

At this point there was a split in Comedia when Russell Southwood and Peter Boyden left and set up their own organization. Both sides were right in their own way. Russell and Peter felt Comedia needed to be more commercially run and better managed especially since Comedia at the time had financial problems. Charles was concerned that this would stop it from doing exploratory or innovative projects. Although initially painful all the people concerned ultimately got on again. The key people then in Comedia apart from Charles became Ken Worpole, Liz Greenhalgh, a new person John Montgomery, Fred Brookes, Simon Blanchard and as a part timer Franco Bianchini.

Developing the independent film and video sector in London Boyden Southwood in association with Comedia July RS (+CL)

A review of the regional marketing officers network for Arts Council/Roula Konzotis – Autumn – CL

Birmingham Music Industry Report – Vic Coppersmith Heaven/CL

Community Needs and Provision on the Isle of Dogs for LDDC JM/A Williams

Isle of Dogs Markets Study – Autumn – JM

The A/V economy in the North West – A scan for IFVPA December Liz Greenhalgh(LG)


Friends of the Earth -management review – January Mik Smith (+ CL)

Friends of the Earth – Trading report – April PB

Albany Video: A strategic definition of the organization + an assessment of training needs – February CL

Trojan Press -organizational review + market assessment – February RS

Alzheimer’s Disease Society -organizational review Mik Smith + CL

SEEDS Tourism Strategy – KW/CL

Using Leisure and Culture to put Life back into Towns – Presentation series RS

South East News – strategy + attendance at quarterly meetings RS

Shoreditch Assembly Hall – review of possible uses RS/John Pick

What visitors think of Basildon town centre – market research -September RS/CL

Basildon town centre strategy CL/RS

A development strategy for Wat Tyler Country Park – CL + First Interpreters

An Assessment of the Beatrix Potter Theme Park CL

The Impact of the Basdome -An assessment Chris Grattan/Peter Taylor/CL

Kitchen Classics -Feasibility Study – Spring CL

The Multimedia Shop – funded by the Conran Foundation RS/DM/CL

Association of Independent Producers -A review of the Producer May CL

Watershed – management structure review – August CL

Everywoman – An assessment of a loan application April CL/RS

Birmingham Audio-Visual Industry study CL/RS + James Saynor

The Media Zone Birmingham: A development plan CL

Labour Party News – A readership survey RS

WECVS – organizational review – Mik Smith via Patrick Wright of the NCVO Management Development Unit

Islington Arts & Leisure survey DM/RS

PHAB – the Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied Association – corporate image strategy Peter Boyden (PB)/RS

Sussex Trust for Nature Conservation – A development plan CL

Avid Video -market assessment – RS

Stonebridge Bus Garage – marketing consultancy – Summer RS

Biochemical Society -publishing strategy – Autumn PB

Community Arts Workshop Manchester – development review – December CL

Western Orchestral Society, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra -A new membership scheme – December PB

Waltham Forest London Borough of – Media Resources Audit December CL


Surrey Trust for Nature Conservation: Organizational Review CL

Sheffield Morning Telegraph -market research + feasibility study DM + Tom Baistow, Peter Arnott Job

GMBATU Regional Secretaries Questionnaire – February – DM

GMBATU – Information Audit CL/RS

IT Newsletters Feasibility Study RS

Avon Wildlife Trust: A development plan – Spring – CL

CHAR Revisited: Problems of distribution and despatch CL

Glamorgan Trust for Nature Conservation: A management review – Spring CL

Urbed Managing Change Case Studies – Mik Smith

Breakthrough Trust Marketing review DM

Kent Trust for Nature Conservation -An organizational review – Autumn CL

Trade Films: Market Assessment – RS

African Cultural Enterprise – Feasibility study RS

Gwent Trust for Nature Conservation: Organizational Review – Autumn CL 50

Cambridge and Ely Naturalist Trust: Organizational Review Mik Smith/CL

Northern Star: Feasibility Study and Quarterly Review -1986-87 – DM

Northamptonshire Trust for Nature Conservation – August – CL/RS

View to Learning: Video tapes market assessment -December – RS

Unlimited Vision: Review of video company in the West Midlands – RS


In this period there was a shift in Comedia’s work beyond marketing and feasibility studies towards organizational reviews. Patrick Wright, the cultural critic, historian, and broadcaster was instrumental in this move ( At the time he worked at the National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO) and enabled us to get into this field. A particular focus was working with the network of Wildlife Trusts. This abruptly stopped when in one of the studies we recommended that the chairman of the national organization gracefully and with full acknowledgement of his achievements step aside.

Contemporary Military Archives – promotion strategy – RS

Sky Books – marketing strategy + brochure for mail order – RS/CL

Thunder Video – marketing assessment + plan RS

News Statesman Spring Campaign CL/RS

Workers Educational Association Berks, Bucks, Oxon: Organizational Review CL

Housing Association Charitable Trust: Feasibility study of a drop in centre – Phillip Hope and Mik Smith

The publications of Northern Arts and the Arts Marketing Office CL

History Today Campaign Spring CL/RS

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England Membership Campaign RS

Collective Design Midland: An organizational review – DM/CL

Release – the drugs campaigning group Organizational Review DM/CL

Spare Rib Readership Survey DM

EPM Organizational Review CL

Scarlet Womens’ Magazine: Market Research for Patricia Hewitt and Anna Coote DM

The Whizard Thing, Film and A/V, Coventry: Organizational Assessment RS

NCVO Promotion, sale and distribution of social work publications – Summer – CL

Beauty without Cruelty: Marketing and promotion campaign RS/CL

New Socialist Readership Survey and focus groups DM/RS

English Today Readership Survey RS/CL

Avid Video Development Plan, Leicester – Spring – RS

North East Media Development Council: Strategic Review – September – RS

City Limits Readership Survey DM

Positive Line, Womens’ Group graphics agency RS


IMITAX – public sector consultancy -marketing brochure – CL/RS for John Rowley

Labour Party Euro Election Direct Marketing Fundraising Campaign – RS/CL

Splat: Film Development Study with Gurmeet Kasba – subsequently made into a film with Faye Dunaway – CL/Patrick Gamble/DM/RS

Southdata/Superscriptions Consultancy – RS

News Statesman Spring Campaign – RS/CL

News Statesman Autumn Campaign + Display Ads Campaign – RS/CL

Exchange Value Video Club: A marketing Campaign + Co-investment – RS/CL

Womens’ Review of Books Campaign – RS

History Today Spring Campaign – RS/CL

History Today Readership survey – CL

National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau Publications Review – DM/CL

Joint London Sogat/Greater London Enterprise Board Feasibility study(GLEB) – CL/LC

British Refugee Council – computerisation plan – RS

Greater London Enterprise Board: GLEB Press Sector Study Strategy – James Curran/CL/RS/DM

Feminist Review: US Subscription Campaign – DM/RS/CL

GLEB Cultural Industries Investment Strategy – CL/RS

Banff Centre Report for Peter Brinson of the Gulbenkian Foundation – RS

Shoptalk market research – RS

Multimedia Distribution Strategy for GLEB – RS/CL

Letterbox Library promotional campaign – CL/RS

National Extension College publications policy – CL

History Today Autumn Campaign – RS/CL

Arts Express – promotion campaign – CL

International Institute for the Environment and Development (IIED) Publications Advice – RS/CL


Warley Independent News – West Midlands feasibility study – DM/CL

Amardillo Publishing: Black publishing Co-op on behalf of the Greater London Council – A feasibility study – DM/CL

Word Out Publishing: West Midlands Coventry business plan – DM/RS

Black Distribution Project (The Voice) business plan and market research – LC

British Public Opinion – Promotion campaign – RS

Arts Council Magazine – Distribution and promotion strategy – CL

New Socialist launch. This was the Labour Party’s new monthly magazine – CL/RS/Simon Partridge

Marxism Today readership survey – this was the reformist Communist Party monthly that set the intellectual context for the rise of New Labour. Edited by Martin Jacques it triggered the development of organizations such as Demos, which he co-founded with Geoff Mulgan – RS/DM

Sanity/Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament relaunch – RS/CL

Spare Rib: The first major British feminist magazine readership survey – DM/RS

Brighton Council Voluntary Service: Marketing review CL

Campaign for Electoral Reform – List servicing – RS

British Refugee Council – Library Information Project – RS

Southern Distribution/PDC – Management and feasibility review – CL

Third World Publications: Expansion Plan – CL

News Statesman Campaign no: 2 – RS/CL

Simon Community: The homeless charity marketing campaign – RS

History Today Autumn Promotion Campaign – RS/CL

Fabian Society Autumn Promotion Campaign – RS/CL

CHAR – a housing trust – Publications Policy – CL/DM

Greater London Council Police Committee Report – Penny Smith/DM


In the first phase of Comedia’s consultancy and advisory work we undertook a number of feasibility studies on book and magazine publishing and printing. In addition we undertook a series of market research surveys and promotional campaigns for a range of publications, some such as the News Statesman or History Today were very well established and others like The Voice were new start ups. The main people involved were Russell Southwood (RS), who had a strong background in marketing and promotion. Dave Morley (DM) whose strengths were in research and Liz Cooper (LC) who had a hands on approach and understood the mechanics of distribution. Charles Landry’ own background was in economic, politics and history.

The majority of work that came Comedia’s way was from local councils such as the Greater London Council, Birmingham City Council or West Midlands Development Agency. The larger British cities and regions began in the early 1980’s to set up economic development units and were keen to help alternative initiatives as part of employment creation as well as to make a political point.

In the lists that follow the first abbreviation is usually that of the person who led the project, although many were joint projects

Register Set Printing Co-op – West Midlands – feasibility study. Those involved CLRS

News Statesman – Stage 1 marketing and relaunch campaign RS/CL

Birmingham Enquirer Readership Survey DM


In Other Words: A monthly Guardian Series, which lasted for 15 months covering the alternative press and movements. Written by Charles Landry in collaboration Crispin Aubrey.


Here is the other News, (1980), Crispin Aubrey, Charles Landry, Dave Morley, pub. Comedia.

Where is the other News, (1980), Dave Berry, Liz Cooper, Charles Landry pub. Comedia.

The Other Secret Service (1981) Liz Cooper, Charles Landry, Dave Berry, pub. Comedia