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The PUBLIC Symposium:

International change makers & their transformative ideas There is a deep yearning for shared experiences and shared conversation as well as desire for projects, places and platforms where such encounters can unfold. It focuses our attention on the great virtues … Read More

What’s new?

A collaboration with the organization Population Matters will look at the impacts of the growing world population on cities. Think back 75 years and 2,287 billion people lived on earth and on the 1st day of 2105 there were 7,244billion … Read More

The City 1.0, The City 2.0 & The City 3.0

Preface People complain how complex urban transformation is and how it might be possible to describe this in understandable terms. In giving talks I have discovered a very simple and useful way to characterize the different phases of urban development … Read More

Are cities good for you

Cities are good for you: The genius of the metropolis – Leo Hollis I reviewed ‘Cities are good for you for the Delhi Times’ and thought it might be interesting for you. Hollis’ book is a good romp through the … Read More

Recalibrating a sustainability narrative

The message is not getting across and the messaging may be wrong in spite of escalating evidence about the impending climate driven crisis. How do you change peoples’ minds and shift the cultural template so that so that one-planet living … Read More