The Soul of Creativity

Harnessing the Collective Imagination

A one-day Creativity Summit organized by Comedia and IFKAD (the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics)
Location: Matera, Italy.
Date: 14th June 2014 09.30 – 17.00
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A series of sharp, short and provocative presentations by renowned speakers followed by trenchant interviews will make ‘The Soul of Creativity’ a compelling event.

The aim is to deepen the conversation about the potential of creativity as a multi-faceted resource. It combines philosophical reflections as well as exploring its practical manifestations. Creativity has become a mantra of or age. The term is used – perhaps overused, at times misused and even abused, yet at the same time under-valued.

The scope of imagination is extensive and questions examined include: Does the concept of creativity vary in different cultural and civilizational contexts. Is Chinese or Arab creativity similar to the European sense? Does creativity with its concerns with the new connect well with history? What distinguishes the creative mind? In a world of quantification how can creativity argue its case? Can we imagine different a regulation and incentives regime? A different tax system? A new bureaucracy? What is the role of creativity in the economy or social inventiveness? Do the creative economy sectors have a special role? What are the new forms of inventive management? Can there be a creative city?

The conference will be held in English.

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